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Carton Coders

Our company has been supplying a wide range of Carton Coders, which is ideal for date coding and lot number changes. The Versatile Carton Coder offered by us comes with the ribs on the back and marking device for allowing faster changes of text. The original Carton Coder provided by us is compatible with rubber types of other renowned brands like Metric RIBtype®, Telos®, Tiflex® & various other Base lock rubber type brands made in Europe and USA. In such carton coders, ink pad comes as a part of the stamp whereas their printing dies are guided straight at the bottom of the paper. The ink pad of these coders is easily removable for re-inking and replacing of ink pad. We have gained accolades from the clients as one of the noted Auto Carton Coder Suppliers in New Delhi.


  • Quick & Sharp Impressions
  • Easily Removable Ink Pad
  • Ideal for Coding Date and Lot Number
  • Compatible with other branded rubbers


  • Carton Coders are available in accordance with the need and specifications of the client


Feature Durable
Material Metal
Color Available in Many Colors
Warranty 6 Months
Quality Good
Weight 65gm